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Kanz ul Iman With Tafseer Khazain ul Irfan

Khazain ul Irfan is an exegesis (tafseer) of Holy Quran in Urdu language. It is written by a well known Muslim Scholar Syed Mohammad Naeem ud Din Muradabadi (R.A). He belonged to Muradabad (India). The author was a Khalifa of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi (R.A). A brief introduction of the author has already been given in the review of his book Kitab-ul-Aqaid. Khazain ul Irfan is among the popular Sunni Tafaseer of Holy Quran. This pdf compilation of khazain ul Irfan consists of tafseer with Urdu translation. The translation of Kanzul Iman has been added with the tafseer. Khazain ul Irfan has great pearls of wisdom. The scholarly style of writing depicts the Islamic knowledge that the author had. So, the eBook being studied will provide tafseer with most famous tarjuma of Holy Quran. Kanzul Iman + khazain ul Irfan can be downloaded through a direct link in pdf.

The portable pdf file has been compiled by Maktaba tul Madina. Maktaba tul Madina of Dawat e Islami has been constantly publishing the Islamic Books in a format that can be read on mobiles and PC. This is indeed a great effort. Their website hosts the direct links for sharing of huge eBook files. Khazain ul Irfan Urdu Tafseer also has a size of about 385 MB. Total number of pages in the eBook are 1220.

Download Kanzul Iman With Tafseer Khazain ul Irfan

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Dua (Supplication) for creating effect in one’s speech

Dua (Supplication) for creating effect in one’s speech. Memorize and recite this dua before writing exams, attending interviews, appearing for viva or for presentations to convince people about a particular topic or product. 

Dua of Hazrat Musa (AS) With English Translation.

Dua of Hazrat Musa (AS) With UrduTranslation.

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Tafseer Ibne Kathir (Urdu & English)

Download Tafseer Ibne Kathir (Urdu)

Download Tafseer Ibne Kathir (English)

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Holy Qur’aan With Color-Coded Tajweed Rules

Download Holy Qur’aan With Color-Coded Tajweed Rules

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Qur’aan Arabic IndoPak Script

Complete colorful Qur’aan in Indo Pak script in PDF. 

Download Qur’aan Arabic IndoPak Script

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The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – A Chronological Guide

Important dates and events in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Download The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – A Chronological Guide

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The Bible, the Quran, and Science by Dr Maurice Bucaille

Download The Bible, the Quran, and Science by Dr Maurice Bucaille

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Learning Quran Qaida

The below hyperlink PDF file is for learning reading Quran in Arabic; also meant for those who want to read with Tajweed or just to brush-up rules of Quran reading. Please download and utilize its benefits. Also recommend to your near and dear ones the URL. Jazakallahu Khairan!

 Download Learning Quran Qaidah

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Stories of the Prophets

Know about Prophets (PBUT) of Allah (SWT), Wives of Prophet (SAW) & Companions of Prophet (SAW). Please click the below link to find Stories of the Prophets.zip. Download and unzip to read the webpages.


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Solution for Qaza Salaats

Method of praying Qaza Salaats Quickly

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If someone has missed Salaats either one time or many times in many years, he/she must offer Qaza Salaats as soon as possible. Salaat is a Farz and not forgiven. On the day of judgement Salaat will be the first thing asked about. For the people who have missed many years of Salaats, there is a simple way to offer quickly. Anyone of you could offer each day’s Qaza Salaats every day, which are only 20 rakats including 3 wajib-al-witr to cover all the Qazas. It takes only a few minutes to offer 20 rakats according to the following four instructions.

1) In Ruku and Sajdah instead of reciting “Subhaana Rabbiyal Azeem” and “Subhaana Rabbiyal A’ala” three times, recite them only once. But make sure do not leave Ruku posture until the Meem of Azeem has been said properly. Similarly do not leave the posture of Sajdah until A’ala has been said completely. Just make sure to say these Tasbeehaat properly and do not rush.

2) In third and four Rakaats of Farz Salaat instead of reciting the whole Soorah Fatiha just say, “Subhan Allah” three times and go to Ruku. Make sure “Subhan Allah” has been recited three times properly, do not rush. This exception is only for Farz. In third rakaat of Witr it’s a must to recite full Surah Fatiha followed by at least three ayahs of Quran or a soorah (as we usually do in first and second rakaats).

3) In last Qaidah (when we sit for Attahyyat) before Salaam, after Attahyyat instead of full Durood and Dua just say, “Allah Humma Salli Ala Mohammadin”, then finish the Salaat with Salaam. Dua is not a must here.

4) In Witr, instead of full Dua-e-Qunoot just say “Rabbigh Fir Lee” one or three times.


 (Fatawa Rizvia, Part 3, Page 622)

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