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Dictionary of Engineering

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Metaphors Dictionary

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Dictionary of Marketing


From market research and packaging to TV advertising and publicity, all aspects of marketing are defined and explained in this overview of marketing terminology. Useful supplements in this updated edition include SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analyses and a sample print specification form.

Download Dictionary of Marketing

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English with Photos and Words – Little Picture Dictionary


English with photos and words – Little Picture Dictionary

suitable for kids and adults…

Download English with Photos and Words – Little Picture Dictionary

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Photo Dictionary for Learners of English

Please remember the file size is 200MB but it is a must have and worth downloading.

The Photo Dictionary 3rd Edition is a vocabulary resource for learners of English from beginner’s level. It contains more than 3,500 words covering over 95 different topics – all clearly introduced through hundreds of colour photographs.

  • 1,000 colour photographs help students learn the words in context
  • 3,500 words in topic areas such as Food, Housing, Clothes for everyday life, as well as Computers, Jobs, Sports and Animals.
  • Conversation Activities on each page for practice in class.
  • Writing Activities help students learn vocabulary in an enjoyable way and help them use words in full sentences.

Download Photo Dictionary for Learners of English

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