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Apology for being offline

Dear Visitors and Viewers!

Please accept my apology for being offline from 9-Jan-2017 to 17-Jan-2017. The reason behind being offline was due to my attempt to change my domain hosting location. The process was long and painstaking, so I decided to renew the present domain hosting location so that my Visitors and Viewers do not suffer for long.

Once again I apologize to you all for being offline for 9 days. Now I am back so please enjoy visiting and downloading from my website.

Thanks & regards,



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Kanz ul Iman With Tafseer Khazain ul Irfan

Khazain ul Irfan is an exegesis (tafseer) of Holy Quran in Urdu language. It is written by a well known Muslim Scholar Syed Mohammad Naeem ud Din Muradabadi (R.A). He belonged to Muradabad (India). The author was a Khalifa of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi (R.A). A brief introduction of the author has already been given in the review of his book Kitab-ul-Aqaid. Khazain ul Irfan is among the popular Sunni Tafaseer of Holy Quran. This pdf compilation of khazain ul Irfan consists of tafseer with Urdu translation. The translation of Kanzul Iman has been added with the tafseer. Khazain ul Irfan has great pearls of wisdom. The scholarly style of writing depicts the Islamic knowledge that the author had. So, the eBook being studied will provide tafseer with most famous tarjuma of Holy Quran. Kanzul Iman + khazain ul Irfan can be downloaded through a direct link in pdf.

The portable pdf file has been compiled by Maktaba tul Madina. Maktaba tul Madina of Dawat e Islami has been constantly publishing the Islamic Books in a format that can be read on mobiles and PC. This is indeed a great effort. Their website hosts the direct links for sharing of huge eBook files. Khazain ul Irfan Urdu Tafseer also has a size of about 385 MB. Total number of pages in the eBook are 1220.

Download Kanzul Iman With Tafseer Khazain ul Irfan

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For Health, Wealth & Happiness Please Join DXN

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Photoshop CS6 Unlocked

Download Photoshop CS6 Unlocked

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

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Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014

Download Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014

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Living With Asthma

Download Living With Asthma

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Introduction to Advanced Renewable Energy System

Download Introduction to Advanced Renewable Energy System

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Integrated Sports Massage Therapy

Download Integrated Sports Massage Therapy

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Physical Chemistry

Download Physical Chemistry

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