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A Thematic Dictionary – Descriptionary

What do you call the reference of choice for those maddening moments when “you know what it is, but not what it’s called?” A Descriptionary, of course! This handy book provides thousands of definitions organized thematically rather than alphabetically. A great reference for writers, students, teachers, crossword puzzle buffs, or any lover of language. From School Library Journal
YA– A dictionary of generic terms or “buzz words” of over 20 categories that include the environment, animals, the human body and mind, performing arts and broadcasting, sports, the law, medicine, finance, the military, language, food and drink, and electronics. The book is both fun and useful. The definitions are easy to understand, and YAs can use it to gain a feel for a particular subject or to define a specific word in its thematic use. Its only faults are that subject-area terminology is not all inclusive and specialized subjects need illustrations to clarify definitions. Still, it’s an enjoyable and worthwhile reference book.

Download A Thematic Dictionary – Descriptionary


December 17, 2010 - Posted by | Descriptionary, Dictionaries

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