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Open Secret for Successful Marriage.

 Assalaam Alaikum!

 Those who recite DUROOD TAJ 7 times daily, Inshaallah get married to a Pious man or woman.

 I have uploaded it in the form of a zip file which comprises of an audio file, an HTML file and a GIF file. If you can read Arabic you can directly recite it from GIF file. Also if you want to listen to know the way of reciting u may do so with the audio file. However if you cannot read Arabic, right now, can recite from HTML file in which you will find it in Arabic as well as in transliteration plus translation as well.

 After finding a good person – before finalizing – do Istikhara to seek suggestion from Allah (SWT) in this regard to make sure he / she be a suitable match and worth marrying. Procedure for doing Istikhara is also in the zip file.

 Allah (SWT) bless you, Aameen!

 Allah hafiz!


Download Formula For Finding Good Match
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March 19, 2007 - Posted by | Islam

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