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Book On Islam By Suzanne Haneef

Assalaam Alaikum!

Unzip the file to find a folder in it. Please keep all the HTML files in the same folder. What everyone should know about ISLAM AND MUSLIMS.htm is the main page which comprises of introduction and table of contents.

If you click on any of the links you will directly go to that webpage. At the end of each page you will find a link to the next page. Also you will observe a white box besides the text Move to the Top and Table of Contents. If you click on that white box, either you will move to the top of the current page or to the Table of Contents webpage. The webpage SECTION ONE – Beliefs – III. Articles of Faith.htm contains table in the beginning of the page. If you click on any link in the table, you can directly go to that heading. Besides each heading you will observe a white box and if you click on it, it will take you to the top of the current page.

The text in blue is the verses from Holy Qur’aan. The text in the red is the explanation of the part besides it. The text in the teal is from Hadees. The texts in the green are the Islamic terms. If you place the mouse pointer over the green text you will know the meaning of that term. If have any doubt of anything then please let me know. If you are unable to unzip the file then please let me know so that I can send it another time.

 Allah Haafiz!


Download What Everyone Should Know About ISLAM and MUSLIMS By Suzanne Haneef
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January 3, 2007 - Posted by | Islam

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